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Vox City Walks

is brought to you by Vox Group, the leader in destination guiding, sightseeing experiences and multilingual storytelling. With over 20 years of partnering with acclaimed travel businesses and major cultural institutions across the globe, Vox today serves over 15 million travellers every year. Vox City Walks is one of today’s fastest growing sightseeing experiences. This unique and hugely successful new concept of hop-on hop-off guided walking tours is expanding across the globe and will encompass over 60 top destinations in 2021!
Vox City Walks Guided Tours

Continuously striving for sustainability

Vox City Walks was created with the goal of enabling travellers to enjoy unique and unforgettable sightseeing experiences, while simultaneously treading lightly. Our walking tours with local experts, and self-guided tours using your own device, are a genuine step towards sustainable tourism. They are very eco-friendly, causing no vehicle pollution or paper waste, and have no need for additional electronic devices or plastics manufacture. Carefully planned pedestrian routes off the beaten track, better connect travellers with local life and help reduce the effects of overtourism. What’s more, walking is an enjoyable and healthy activity! It is a winning formula!

Your trusted local expert in every destination

Local people and their cultural heritage combined with knowledge sharing and personal service are the bedrock of our tours. To deliver these standards, we insist on working only with the most trusted and experienced partners, who share our values, vision, and ethics in every destination. As you explore each city, from its historic landmarks to hidden gems, you will find yourself immersed in the storytelling and anecdotes of your local expert. They’ll remain on-hand to meet you throughout the day, sharing tips and advice as you hop-on or hop-off their tours.

Your safety is our priority

We are continually mindful of your health and wellbeing, which is why we insist on operating safe and socially distanced tours. Every Vox City experience is completely contactless. Our app technology transforms your own mobile phone into a sophisticated guiding and listening device, so you will never need third party equipment or additional tools, and our guides are fully trained in health and safety protocols.


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