A Romantic Getaway to Venice

A Romantic Getaway to Venice

A Romantic Getaway to Venice: Venice is known for being one of the world’s most romantic cities, welcoming countless couples every year. With Valentine’s Day fastly approaching, we’re going to tell you why Venice is a destination worth visiting if you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway.

Set sail on a Gondola

Venice is simply iconic for its canals, so not adding a gondola ride to your itinerary is the equivalent of going to McDonalds and not ordering fries… Not only is it a bucket-list experience, but it’s one of the most romantic activities that Venice has to offer. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than sailing down the stunning Grand Canal, admiring Venice’s incredible buildings as you go, with your other half in tow? I think not! We recommend setting off just before sunset, for an even more memorable experience.

Grab a Gelato

In the summer months especially, Venice can get pretty hot, so what better way to cool you down than a traditional Italian gelato? Enjoy a scoop (or five) of your favourite flavour, and stroll the Venetian streets. If you really want to embrace your inner romantic, why not share one with your partner – although if you’d prefer to gorge on one all to yourself, we’d understand…

Enjoy a candlelit meal

Enjoy the traditional Italian cuisine, from luxurious pasta’s to hearty pizza’s, in a beautiful candlelit setting. If you’re lucky, you might even find yourself serenaded in classical Italian music by local buskers! With countless eateries across the city, you can call on the help of a local to make a recommendation. If you’ve taken part on a Vox City Walks tour during the day, your local guide can advise on the best hidden gems that Venice has to offer.

Climb the Campanile

Enjoy the most stunning views of the Serenimissa as you venture to the top of the St Mark’s Campanile, the iconic bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica. Admire the panoramic views of Venice’s array of artistic landmarks, colourful buildings and stunning canals – of which will immediately fuel your inner romantic! If you have a pass for Vox City Walks Venice, you can hop-off at St Mark’s Campanile, enjoy the views, and continue your exploration of the city when you’re ready.

St Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Campanile
St Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Campanile

A spritz at sunset

Treat yourself to a traditional Italian Spritz at one of the city’s many bars, cafes or bistros. Go one step further, and enjoy your beverage at one of Venice’s many rooftop bars, such as Terrazza Daniele or Settimo Cielo, so you can take in the stunning views whilst you do so! It’s the perfect way to spend an evening with your partner, enjoying a panoramic sunset with a classic beverage in hand.

An evening at the Opera

Experience a spectacular performance at the Teatro la Fenice, one of the most important landmarks in the history of Italian theatre! From the moment you step inside, you’ll be amazed at its grand interior and intricate decor. With an unforgettable classical Italian performance, it’ll become clear to you why the opera is a common choice amongst couples visiting Venice for a romantic getaway!

The list could go on! But these are our favourite things about the beautiful city of Venice, which makes it the perfect trip for a romantic getaway.
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A Romantic Getaway to Venice

A Romantic Getaway to Venice: Venice is known for being one of the world’s most romantic cities, welcoming countless couples every year. With Valentine’s Day

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