Embrace the Staycation


So what exactly is a staycation? Well, we like to define them as blissful domestic holidays taken close to home, usually as day trips or singular overnight stays. Given the situation right now and the limited availability to travel, there really is no better opportunity to get out there and explore your own homeland… we even guarantee that by the end of your staycation (even just the research bit!), you’ll have a new found admiration for what can be found right outside your front door. What’s more, you’ll be doing a good deed by supporting local businesses and boosting local economies. Can’t argue with that! 

Now we’ve sold it to you, here’s some ideas to help you plan the ultimate staycation:

Make Getting There part of the Experience

Your staycation starts as soon as you step foot out the door, so that includes the actual journeying to your destination. Why not make things more interesting and take a train ride instead? If you’re driving, choose to take the scenic route rather than the main roads and make sure you (or the elected road trip DJ) have prepared that car playlist the evening before too.

Get Brunchin’

Brunch is the best meal of the day, hands down, so we encourage a significant amount of time allocated to planning and fitting this into your staycation itinerary. You leave your house in the morning, and arrive at destination just in time for Brunch. Perfect! Whether you head for a top notch restaurant, track down the most instagrammable spot, or simply head to the local park for a picnic, be sure to enjoy fuelling yourself for the day of exploring that lies ahead. 

Go on a Sightseeing Tour

You may have lived in your local area for near enough your entire life, but do you really know it’s historical and cultural significance? I’m guessing not. So why not take a sightseeing tour with a local expert to uncover the secrets of your home through witty anecdotes and impressive story telling? Of course we highly recommend joining a Vox City Walks Guided Walking Tour.

Get Outdoors and Get Walking

Do some googling to find the most idyllic routes near you. Whether you end up heading for the hills, mountains, beach or bushes, a long walk, some spectacular views, a flask full of your chosen tipple and fresh air filling your lungs can’t be beaten.

Visit a Local Attraction

When arranging your city break abroad, a large percentage of people would factor in some time to explore museums, art galleries and those types of attractions you like, so why not do the same at home? Even if this sort of thing isn’t usually on your radar, you may be surprised and inspired by what you find.

Enjoy discovering the wonders to be found just a stones throw away from your front door. There’s never been a better time!
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Embrace the Staycation

So what exactly is a staycation? Well, we like to define them as blissful domestic holidays taken close to home, usually as day trips or

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