Tips for Short Trips!

Tips for Short Trips

Make your short vacation a success by following these Tips for Short Trips! After this year, it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to their next trip away. Maybe you’re still a little reluctant to travel long haul, or perhaps you simply want to ease yourself back into travel with a short-trip? If so, we have you covered!

Book in advance

Are you planning on visiting a specific attraction or venue? Booking in advance is very likely to become the ‘new normal’, allowing attractions, museums or art galleries to manage the number of guests. Whilst this is very important, reserving your spot will also save you a lot of time when you arrive. If you’re only in a city for a few days, don’t waste your valuable travel time in long queues, or having to return at another time to see if there’s space for you – book your tickets in advance!

Make an itinerary

As fun as it is to stroll the streets of a foreign city and sightsee at your own pace, you could very well end up wasting precious time. You don’t necessarily need to plan out every single step of your day – but preparing an itinerary is a great way to fill your trip with as much as you possibly can! Check out the location of your accommodation in advance, and see what your surroundings are like. Is there a restaurant you’d love to try? Is it near an attraction that you’ve booked tickets for? Cover as many sights as you can in one district or neighbourhood, and then move onto the next – saving you time and probably money too!

Suss out transport

Depending on the destination, public transport could be mandatory for you to get from place to place. Let’s take London for example – the chances of you walking the majority of the city, is pretty slim. Jump on the city’s fantastic tube system, and save yourself hours (yes, hours) of travel time. Did you know – with a Vox City London tour, you actually get a free digital transport map included in your pass? Very handy!

Do your research

If you don’t research ‘things to do’ before you travel – you could easily miss out on a local tradition or event. Let’s say you’re going to Amsterdam in April – you can take full advantage of two of the Netherlands’ most iconic annual events. Keukenhof, an utterly beautiful tulip and flower festival, and King’s Day, arguably the city’s largest (and funnest!) street festival. These are events you might never be able to experience again – so why miss out?! Do your research before you travel.

tourists in london using a mobile phone

Check the weather

You’re probably wondering how this saves you time. Well, what happens if you pack the totally wrong attire, or miss off packing essentials such as sunglasses, just because you didn’t check the weather? Don’t waste time having to track down a local shop or supermarket. Check the forecast before you travel, and make sure your packing is spot on.

Try to be realistic

You could be travelling to Florence for two days, and want to visit the monumental Leaning Tower of Pisa. Whilst it seems easy to reach on a 50-minute train journey, do you have the time? If you’ve already booked your attractions in Florence and have a table booked for dinner at 7pm, you simply might not have time to fit this into your schedule. As amazing as it could be, don’t jeopardise your entire itinerary or end up in a hectic rush – this could ruin your trip! (By the way, if you’re looking to stay local in Florence, here is a great list of things to do!)

Convert your currency

If you need to convert some cash to the local currency; do it before you travel! Why waste time queuing up at a local shop, or delaying your exit from airport arrivals? Start sightseeing (and spending!) from the minute you arrive.

The next time you’re travelling, try our short trip tips and don’t miss a second of valuable vacation time!
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