Why is Spring a great season to travel?

After what feels like the longest Winter yet, Spring has finally sprung! Whilst travel restrictions remain in place across the world, we’re reminiscing on why Spring is one of our favourite seasons to travel – and why we will once again do so next year…

Take in the beautiful scenery

Many of the world’s most visited destinations boast beautiful scenery during the Spring season. Undoubtedly, the first in Europe to spring to mind is Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ capital is well known for attracting countless visitors every year who flock here to see the beautiful Keukenhof tulip garden. On the other side of the world, we have the culturally-rich Japanese capital, Tokyo, which welcomes streets full of cherry blossoms every Spring. If you’re visiting at this time of year, hop-on a city walking tour to admire the scenery up close…

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo, Japan

Avoid the hustle and bustle

So it’s unlikely that you’ll get stuck in a crowded venue or one-hour queue during the next year or so – but normality will return one day! The majority of tourist hotspots see July – September as the busiest time of year, so escaping to your dream destination in Spring is a great time to beat the crowds. Enjoying a holiday in the so-called ‘shoulder season’ is a great opportunity to experience tourist attractions whilst they’re quieter, as well as enjoying a more peaceful ambience at local restaurants, bars and shops.

Enjoy an Adults-only holiday

Not only can you avoid the crowds, but you can also avoid the kids (should you wish too!). If you’re looking for a peaceful break with your other half for instance, then Spring is a great time to travel whilst the kids are still in school. We highly recommend travelling between the end of April through to early June, particularly if you’re travelling in Europe, for a lovely peaceful break.

Soak up the sunshine

As tempting as it is to disappear on holiday during the Summer season – your destination could be sweltering! Popular city breaks including Rome can see temperatures in the upper region of 35 degrees, and whilst it’s glorious, it’s not ideal if you’re in a lengthy queue to enter the Colosseum… Many cities worldwide enjoy temperatures of around 25 degrees, particularly from April to June, which is more bearable for most who are looking to explore a new city. It’s also the perfect weather for you to enjoy a walking tour

Experience a local tradition

Many destinations celebrate traditions, mark national holidays and host festivities during Spring. If you’re visiting the UK in early April, you’ll notice that Easter is widely celebrated, whilst in many locations worldwide, Jewish residents are celebrating Passover. Over in Thailand, an undoubtedly more vibrant, lively and colourful festival is celebrated, to mark the Thai New Year; Songkran. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the Thai capital during this fabulous period, join a sightseeing tour and discover this fantastic local tradition, amongst many others…

Grab a great deal

Because who doesn’t love a bargain? It’s a well known fact that travelling outside of school holidays is the best time if you’re looking to save the pennies. The majority of travel giants slash their prices during the Spring season for popular destinations from all corners of the world. Grab yourself a great deal and don’t worry about your trip breaking the bank!

Couple enjoying a city break

Spring is an amazing time to travel and next year we’ll be doing just that – will you?

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