Yes, the safety of our customers, local experts and staff, remains to be our highest priority. We’ve worked hard to ensure that safety and hygiene measures are implemented across all of our Vox City Walks tours, through the following:

  • Our tours are completely contactless – you will be using your own device and headphones throughout the duration of your tour, therefore will receive no props, hearing aids or visual aids, from any of our local experts.
  • If required by law or regulations set out by local authorities, all of our local experts and customers will be required to wear a face covering throughout the duration of their tour.
  • We operate small group sizes, ensuring that the government-recommended social distance is maintained throughout the tour, for all participants, at all times. Maximum group sizes may vary depending on the city and regulations set out by local authorities.
  • All of our tours operate entirely outdoors, avoiding busy indoor venues and modes of transportation.
  • The live commentary by your local experts has an unbeatable audio range; meaning you don’t need to huddle together to hear, and can tune in from your own mobile device at a distance that is comfortable for you.
  • The self-guided features accessible through the Vox City app, allow you to discover sights on your own, avoiding crowded groups and queues.
  • Our flexible hop-on hop-off concept allows you to join and leave at your convenience, but also at your comfort.
  • Our local experts will reserve the right to request participants to leave the tour, if they are visibly showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Don’t worry – If your tour is unable to operate as a direct result of a Covid-19 lockdown (or similar), your ticket will remain valid for 12 months. If you find out before you travel that you will be unable to participate due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can reschedule your tour free of charge. Rest assured that when you do take your tour at a later date, your voucher and pass will still be honoured.

Vox City Walks allows you to explore a city at your own pace, in your own way. Using the Vox City app, track the various local experts in real-time, and join the nearest one to you. You can then enjoy expert-led, escorted walking circuits highlighting your city’s most valuable points of interest through mesmerizing storytelling and anecdotes. You can leave your circuit at any time and take advantage of the countless self-guided features available, including suggested itineraries, pre-recorded audio guides, photo hotspots, charging stations and directions to any destination of your choice.

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The beauty of Vox City Walks is that we’re so flexible! If you’re running late – don’t worry – you can simply enjoy the self-guided functions within our Vox City app, and plan to join an escorted circuit at the meeting point and departure time which best fits your schedule.

The days and times on which your tour operates, varies depending on the city and/or the circuit. We advise that you check our product page for your chosen city, where you will find all of this information.

Itineraries are shown on the map as a coloured route/s, and vary depending on the destination. To check your itinerary in advance, we advise that you check our product page for your chosen city to see all of the meeting points available.

You can join an escorted circuit at any of the allocated meeting points, stated in your itinerary. Thanks to our advanced technology, you will be able to track your nearest local expert in real-time, and you will be able to see the time they’re expected to reach their next meeting point.

Yes! Our flexible circuits mean you’re free to leave your escorted circuit at any time, for any reason.

Most often, a full walking itinerary may take between 60 – 120 minutes. We advise that you check our product page for your chosen city, for exact timings.

You will be able to book your space for a particular route and departure time, using our Vox City app. However, as much as this is recommended to ensure you don’t miss out on a busier circuit, it’s not mandatory and you can simply join a tour at your leisure if you spot a local expert at a nearby meeting point.

Yes, for each time-slot per circuit, tours are limited to a maximum of 30 participants. To avoid disappointment, you can reserve a specific time-slot in advance. If you haven’t reserved and the tour is full, don’t worry – simply take advantage of our app’s self-guided features whilst you wait for the next available departure – there’s no need to pause your sightseeing!

As you track your nearest local expert using the Vox City App, you can also find a picture of them alongside their name – making it extremely easy for you to identify and greet your local expert! If you are still unsure when you reach the meeting point, you will be able to identify them by their uniform which will clearly feature our logo & name.

Most often, your local expert will guide you through the city in English. However, you can tune into your audio guide to listen to pre-recorded commentaries in Spanish, French, German and Italian. Other languages may be available to you, dependent on the city. We advise that you check our product page for your chosen city, to see the languages available.

Our escorted walking itineraries are carefully designed with input from local tourism experts, to ensure that key attractions, landmarks and monuments can be enjoyed during your tour.

We cannot guarantee in every circumstance that you will be able to get up-close to a specific sight; this could be due to limited pedestrian access, roadworks, renovations, protests, or any other disruption out of our control. However, either your local expert or pre-recorded audio guide remains on-hand to give you the insights you need, to enjoy the sight nevertheless!

Yes! You will need to use your own mobile device and headphones to access the Vox City app and utilise all of our guided and self-guided functions. Please note, mobile devices and headphones will never be provided to you by our local experts.

At the time of downloading your city map, we do offer a lower resolution option so you can save battery usage, if preferred. Throughout your sightseeing experience, you will also see your Vox City Guide highlight nearby charging stations, should you need to charge your phone. Although we have these options, we do highly recommend beginning your tour with a fully charged phone battery, to ensure you get the most out of your experience!

True to our name, our tours consist of a lot of walking and as we factor in traffic control, narrow walkways, stairs and other factors that may impact the suitability of our tours, it unfortunately makes it difficult for us to accommodate wheelchair users.


Your Vox City Walks pass is valid for either 24, 48 or 72 hours, from first use. Once your code is scanned by a local expert for the first time, your pass is immediately valid.

Even when your Vox City Walks pass expires, you will still be able to enjoy unlimited use of the self-guided functions, as these are valid for 7 days from activation!

To activate the self-guided functions of your pass, you can simply scan your QR code and download your city map, pre-arrival. This will save you both time and battery life, from the moment you step foot in your city.

To activate the guided functions of your pass, head over to your nearest local expert who will scan your QR code upon arrival (you should have this ready to present) and activate your Vox City Walks map and tour features.

We recommend booking your tour in advance, to save time in-location and begin your sightseeing experience from the moment you arrive in your destination! However, our policies are flexible – tours can still be booked online last-minute, or you have the ability to purchase from local ticket offices, hotel concierges and/or directly with a local expert. Please note that purchase points will vary depending on the city.

You can easily book your tickets in advance directly from our website. Simply search for your chosen city, and select your preferred pass (24, 48 or 72hr), number of passengers and travel date. You will be redirected to our secure check-out interface, allowing you to enter payment details and complete your purchase. Now, you’re all set – your booking confirmation and voucher will shortly arrive in your email inbox!

Children between the ages of 0 – 15 years are free of charge! Any participants 16 years and over, will be required to purchase an Adults pass at full price.

Our confirmations are instant! You will receive your booking confirmation and voucher within minutes of completing your purchase.

No! Simply present an electronic copy of your voucher to your local expert, to validate your pass and begin your experience.

You can cancel or reschedule your booking free of charge, up to 24 hours in advance of the day you travel. Bookings are non-amendable and non-refundable within 24 hours.

Contact our customer service team by:

Telephone: +39 344 0247855

Please have all of your booking details to hand as you call us.

Email: info@voxcity.com

If you’re contacting us by email, please provide us with as much booking information as possible; including your booking reference, booking date, lead passenger name and the reason for your query.

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